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Sonicare AirFloss Pro Replacement Nozzle (2 tips)
Sonicare AirFloss Pro Replacement Nozzle (2 tips)

Efficacy meets compliance for infrequent flossers.

For the most effective clean, Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro nozzles should be replaced every six months. AirFloss Pro removes up to 99.9% of plaque biofilm in the treated area.

The nozzle's guidance tip helps ensure correct placement by sliding along tooth's surface near the gumline until the tip fits into the groove between the teeth.

The high performance nozzle features a softer tip for better comfort and a wider spray to cover more interproximal tooth and gum surface.

Contains two replacement nozzles exclusively designed to fit the new AirFloss Pro.

Please note: These nozzles will not fit on older AirFloss models.

Parts such as the replacement nozzles and reservoir door are not interchangeable between AirFloss Pro and previous models.

The AirFloss Pro has 3 LED lights and a decorative accent ring on the handle where the nozzle attaches. Earlier AirFloss models do not have these features.

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